Routine exam, scale & polish
Routine exam, scale & polish (under 12)
Routine exam, scale & polish (12-18)
Dental Hygiene
Hygienist – per visit
Advanced Gum Treatment – per visit
from €100
Large OPG
White (Composite Resin)
from €110-190
Bonded Fillings (Front Teeth)
from €150
Routine Extraction
from €120
Surgical Extraction
from €150-200
 Aryclic-Based Dentures
from €480
Metal-Based Dentures
from €960
Root Canal Treatment
Single Root
from €420
Multi Root
from €560 – €660
from €790
from €1750
At home trays
from €290


from €50
Consultation with X-Rays and Records
from €200
Fixed Standard Braces
Upper or Lower
from €2000
Upper and Lower
from €3950
Incognito Lingual Braces
Upper or Lower
from €4000
Upper and Lower
from €6500
Upper or Lower
from €2500
Upper and Lower
from €4000


Free consultation
Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Forehead, Frown and Smile Lines
1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
Gummy Smile Treatment
Bunny Lines (Side of the nose)
Treatment for Chin Dimples
Hyperhydrosis (Treatment for excessive underarm sweating)
Treatment of Masseter Muscles for Facial Slimming

This treatment can also reduce muscle tenderness as a result of grinding and tensing of these muscles providing pain relief

Removal of Lines Around Lips

Includes botox/toxin treatment only

Treatment to Remove the Appearance of ‘Banding’ of the Neck

Platysmal bands

€250 – €500
Marionette Lines (Downward lines from the Corners of the Mouth)

Includes botox/toxin treatment only

The above fees are an average guide and can vary according to individual needs and the difficulty and time involved in treatment.
We accept Mastercard, Visa and Laser.
We request payment at each visit.  Orthodontic gradual payment options are available over the course of treatment and can be discussed at the treatment planning visit.
Orthodontics , Implants ,Crown, Bridgework and Root canals can be claimed against tax paid at 20%.

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